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Modern Money Scotland is an economic think tank which aims to progress heterodox economic thinking from a Scottish perspective.

Modern Money Scotland argues that sovereign national accounting cannot
be compared with either household or business budgeting and that the concept of 'balancing the books' does not apply to the monopoly issuer of a currency.

Our goal is to change both the language and the debate around our national
economics and to develop policy which can encourage greater economic wellbeing in Scotland, refocusing the debate towards the wealth of real resources that Scotland has available.





Cameron Archibald

Director and Policy Analyst




Cameron Archibald is Director and researcher at Modern Money Scotland. He works full-time in Scotland's education system. He has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History and Politics, a Masters degree in Public Policy and is currently studying economics. He also has various CPDs that align with his research on labour markets, behaviour economics and inequalities. 

Cameron has experience in financial administration for multinational corporations. He frequently writes economic commentary for the Sunday National newspaper and is an active member of UNISON Scotland.


Kiran Khan

Social Media and Equalities Advisor

Kiran Khan is a social media and equalities advisor for Modern Money Scotland. She is a Labour Councillor on Crawley Borough Council in England, West Sussex and the Deputy Mayor of Crawley. She works full time in Westminster as a caseworker for a Labour MP and is an active member of Unite the Union.


Kiran has a degree in Digital Media from London Metropolitan University. Kiran was the chair of Crawley Campaign Against Racism and the former secretary of Talk Broadfield.


Andrea Sánchez Quiroz


Andrea is an Ecological Economist who comes from Chile and lives in Shetland. She has a Bachelor degree in Economics and Masters degrees in both Finance and in Ecological Economics. Andrea graduated with distinction from the University of Edinburgh and now works as a consultant on economic sustainability, specialising in economic policy and nature conservation.


Dr Alberto Paloni


Alberto Paloni is an Economist and senior lecturer at the Adam Smith Institute at the University of Glasgow. He holds a PhD degree and a MSc degree in Economics both from Birkbeck College (University of London) and a first degree in Economics from 'La Sapienza' University of Rome. Paloni's expertise include financial reforms, international financial institutions, economic development and heterdox (post-Ketnesian) economics.


Prof. Fadhel Kaboub


Fadhel is an Associate Professor of economics at Denison University Ohio and President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. Before settling at Denison in 2008, he taught at Simon’s Rock College of Bard (MA) and at Drew University (NJ) where Fadhel also directed the Wall Street Semester Program (NY). Furthermore, Fadhel has also held research affiliations with the Levy Economics Institute (NY), the Economic Research Forum (Egypt), the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (MA), and the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability (MO).

Prof. Richard Murphy


Richard is a chartered accountant. After training with what is now KPMG, he established his own London accountancy firm, in which he is still a senior partner. This was in parallel with a career as an entrepreneur and company director. Thereafter, Richard moved into academia and campaigning. He co-founded the Tax Justice Network in 2003, the Green New Deal in 2008, the Fair Tax Mark in 2013 and the Corporate Accountability Network in 2019.


From 2015 until 2020 he was Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at the City University of London and is currently Visiting Professor of Accounting at Sheffield University Management School. His best known book is 'The Joy of Tax' in which he supported Modern Monetary Theory, of which he is now a leading UK exponent.

Dr Dirk Ehnts


Dr Dirk Ehnts is author of 'Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics', which was published by Routledge in 2016.  He is speaker of the board of the Pufendorf Society in Berlin, an NGO dedicated to enlightening the public about the functioning of modern money and finance.  


In 2019, Dirk organised the first European MMT conference in Berlin and for four years has taught MMT courses at Maastricht University summer school. Furthermore, he has held visiting professor positions at the Free University of Berlin and Flensburg University. Dr Ehnts has more than fifteen years of academic work experience.

Dr. Timothy Rideout


Tim was born on the Isle of Man and brought up in Cape Town where he studied Geography, Economics and Economic History at the University of Cape Town. In 1984, he moved to Edinburgh and completed a PhD in Economic Geography. Thereafter, he worked at HarperCollins/Bartholomew before co-founding XYZ Maps in 1988.


During the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, Tim became concerned about the Scottish currency question and this resulted in Amendment D at the April 2019 SNP Conference.  He is currently convener of the Scottish Currency Group and is campaigning to get it right on a future Scottish currency and Scottish central bank.
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